Better than a T-Shirt

Kame gives you premium swag you can instantly drop to your community

Engaging Cross-Platform Experiences

Kora collectibles unlock unique experiences across the complete community stack.

One token can serve as flair on Twitch, provide exclusive access on Discord, and unlock content in game.

Twitch Extension

Our Twitch Extension lets your fans see their Kora collectibles right on your page.

Coming Soon

Automatically incentivize engagement

Automatically send collectibles as your fans grow within your community.

Use our goals or set your own.

Built with Blockchain

We use Quorum under the hood to create Kora collectibles transparently and securely.

Each Kora collectible is verifiably unique.

Understand your fans

Export Discord and Twitch usernames alongside email addresses.

Get additional insight into who your fans are.

Discord Bot

Our Discord Bot can add roles based on which collectibles your fans hold!

It also allows your community to view and send their Kora collectibles right in chat.