The Creator's Best Friend

Kame uses blockchain to give creators and influencers tool to incentivize their audience.

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Leverage the audience

Engagement is just the beginning. Offer rewards to fans for going the extra mile.

Need help seeding a meme? Upkeep in your world? Illustrations & animations? Let your audience know how much its worth.

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Automatically incentivize engagement

Kame is the only cross platform loyalty progression system.

The best platforms offer internal incentives to engaged users - Kame puts creators in control of the progression system.

Built with Blockchain

We use Quorum under the hood to create Kora collectibles transparently and securely.

Each Kora collectible is verifiably unique.

Engaging Cross-Platform Experiences

Kora collectibles unlock unique experiences across the complete community stack.

One token can serve as flair on Twitch, provide exclusive access on Discord, and unlock content in game.

Audience Analytics

Platforms lock up the trove of user data that they gather.

Kame fills the insight gap, and because it is cross platform offers so much more.