Swim Together

Kame is a creator-first platform that brings you new ways to team up for growth.

A New Way to Earn Support

Subs are a good start, and it's tricky to ask for donos.

For the fan who just wants a little something in return for more support, Kora are a flexible digital item you can offer.

Wrap in your art. Or collaborate with an artist in your community. Or just sell a Kora.

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A New Way to Sell Merch

No more saving up for artist commissions or stocking inventory.

Use a Kame limited edition to launch your merch. Order when the run sells out.

Partner with an artist and split sales. That way, they win too if the product blows up.

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A New Way to Collaborate

Most platforms exist to enrich the platform. Kame exists to enrich the community.

We want to help creators of all stripes Swim Together.

Kame enables perpetual revenue share. You can create an open ended collaboration with an artist, musician, game dev, anyone! The more each creator promotes the work, the better you can do.

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