Farm your Economy

Audience participation, community loot and loyalty. All wrapped into Kora.

Community Rain
Bring home sweet loot to your community
Connect Deeply
Your loot arrives in a digital gift package
Reward Yourself
Automatic sending! Subs, gifters, & more
Kame lets you share gifts with your community. Create a "Kora" to share a game code, artwork, music, or just say a public "thank you!"
Kora are magical badges. They can deliver games, music, artwork, and more. You can also use a Kora to unlock roles in Discord.
Kame has a Twitch extension that lets anyone view THEIR collection on YOUR Twitch profile. Kame also has a Discord bot that lets you view and send Kora inside Discord.
Kame currently has a small selection of loot to share. Connect with us to learn what's available, or to learn how to share YOUR loot.